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Refinements... waxing etc.
Head, Face and Neck
Eyebrow Wax$20.00
Eyebrow Wax - Monthly Maintenance$15.00
Lip Wax$8.00
Nose Wax$10.00
Ear Wax$10.00
Neck Wax$15.00
Full Facial (including neck)$30.00
Nose Wax$10.00
Nose Wax$10.00
Nose Wax$10.00
Arms and Torso
Full Arms$25.00
Half Arm$15.00
Full Back Wax$50.00
Half Back$30.00
Full Chest Wax$40.00
Legs and Bikini
Full Leg Wax$50.00
Half Leg Wax$25.00
Basic Bikini Wax$30.00
Tonga (The whole enchilada, includes back area$40.00
Hands and Feet
At Rontal Salon, our goal is to help you, the client enhance your own unique style by combining innovation and vision with unsurpassed skills and state of the art products. We strive to illuminate those qualities which make each patron distincly individual.

We are constantly using the latest and highest quality products which we feel perform the best for each of our clients specific needs.

Rontal Salon and Beauty Center is a full service salon located in Arroyo Grande, CA. Rontal Salon is one of the premiere beauty salons in San Luis Obispo County.